Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my most glamorous life

I live a most glamorous life.

Most glamorous.


Well I sometimes pretend I'm a ROCKSTAR. I'm a stay-at-home-mom.

Well, that's the common term. I prefer, the term-- mostly-stay-at-home-but-I-go-to-Target-a lot-mama. Very glamorous.

You too can be glamorous.

I will share my steps.

1.I do lots of laundry. You too? awesome. You are well on your way.

2.I have two boys. You do not have to have two boys- you could have an assortment of children and their friends tearing your place up. It's all very glamorous.

3.I also prepare meals several times a day, to ensure the health of my growing boys between baseball practices and games. Only to have them share a GIANT bag of CHEESEBURGER DORITOS when I'm not looking. Cheeseburger Doritos? Seriously....a 15 year old must be on the Frito-Lay board. A chip that tastes like meat? Glamorous.

4.Steps 1-3, rinse and repeat.

Two weeks ago, I took a step out of my glamorous life because I was invited to a little music concert.

In Grand Rapids.

Two hours away. However, it took three with all the detouring and turning around. Grand Rapids appears to be lovely. From my very glamorous mini-van. With my dear friend, Penny.

Here we are before leaving for the gig. And before some of that lip gloss wore off?

This little music concert was awesome.

Ingrid Michaelson opening for the Bare Naked Ladies (who were fully dressed).

(here's Ingrid and Allie)

I am friendly with Allie Moss's mama. Allie is a tremendous talent in her own right and is a part of Ingrid's band. So, I left the kitty-littered bathroom floor and piles of laundry to sing along loudly, yet poorly to both scantily-clad Ingrid's songs and those of the Bare Naked Ladies.


Most glamorous.

I took so long in posting this as I've been working on steps 1-4 the last few weeks. It happens. Even to ROCKSTARS.