Monday, November 30, 2009

four sides of neutral bamboo landscape everything all the time handbag

Upcycled calendar makes a pretty landscape.

Neutral bamboo growing on this side.

This handbag is ready to go on cyber-Monday. It's $44.00 US. Plus shipping and handling.

Monday, November 9, 2009

hollyhock pocketbook

Four sides of the hollyhock pocketbook everything all the time handbag in chocolates and pinks makes me smile. You too?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mom Sends the Message

After a very long hiatus, I'm back. It just took something BIG to get me going. Something to turn my blog around and push it forward. This is it.

Join Mom Sends the Message and pledge to drive with your mind on the wheel. It could be life changing. No text, phone call, coffee sip, or dropped toy is worth more than my life. Or yours.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I made a deal with Russell this weekend. A deal I wish someone had made with me. The deal is: if Russell stops biting his nails and actually needs them trimmed with clippers for 6 months straight, I promise to give him $100. Russell is 15. $100 is a lot of money. Especailly if you are 15. I used to bite my nails. I stopped around my 15 birthday. Nobody gave me $100. I don't even know how I stopped. It was a habit. Often you need to replace one habit with another. But, I did it. I grew my nails long. I thought they were pretty. I have re-thought that. Long nails have no appeal to me now. None at all. Mine are short now. And unpolished. Between dishes and painting, lacing handbags and typing, my fingernails are a little less than ideal. My toes on the other hand...or foot, as the case may be, are painted in the summer. I found, what is to me, the perfect color. I love this color so much I've bought a second bottle. My friend and hairdresser hates it. Hates it. How do I know? She told me. I would expect nothing less. We argued about it. The color I mean. I guess the argument ended as we agreed to disagree. Color is subjective. What makes me swoon, might not make you swoon. And that's alright. Pick a color you love. Pick a color that makes you smile. Pick a color that is ALL you. It will be perfect. I promise.

Monday, July 20, 2009

smitten with the mitten

Smitten with the mitten. That's what I am. Especially in the summer. I know there are plenty of beautiful, friendly, amazing places to live. I am a born and raised Michigan girl. If you are from Michigan, you will undoubtedly use your hand to explain where you are from while traveling. Even if you are from the Upper Pennisula. This summer, friends that are not from Michigan, are joining us on the outside of the pinky's fingernail; it's my favorite part. Sometimes it looks like this:
And even this:

As much as I love Michigan, the reason I love it so much is that my people are here. And I'm smitten with them, too.

I'm thinking about getting these. I wonder if anyone will share them with me? In the winter, when I need to remember how much I truly am smitten with the mitten. They are pretty and probably cozy. A lot like Michigan.

Though, they look more like Libya. Go ahead and look. I've saved you the trip.

Friday, July 10, 2009

the quest for the perfect stool (trust me)

I watch Oprah. Not everyday. But, I watch Oprah. I watch when Dr. Oz is her guest. I love Dr. Oz. He has great information. And he brings disgusting props for Oprah to hold in her orchid purple gloved hands. Doctors on television may be invaluable to a nation that does not provide healthcare to ALL it's citizens. Outside of the emergency room. But this post isn't about that. So I'll leave that alone. Dr. Oz and others are able to reach and teach about better food choices, the benefits of eating a little 100% whole wheat bread before a meal, how to use a neti pot, your omentum and why you should care about it and the perfect stool. He stresses the importance of the "S" shaped stool. It is an indicator of good health. But, this post isn't about that either. I know. Thank goodness.

It's about another stool. The stool I've been on a quest to find. It had to be taller than a standard chair (17") but shorter than a standard barstool ( 29"). Then it needed to fit my aesthetic; a hybrid of Asian and shabby chic meeting classic and bold. And then, it needed to fit into what I teach my boys is the "good value rule". Which is, what we would be willing to pay for something before we know what the seller is asking. Would you believe I found it? Yep, 29 bucks and it was mine. And blue. Deep water blue. It's not "S" shaped but, I'm feeling fine about it just the same.

So last night I decide to post about my good fortune and wouldn't you know it Alison at writes about " stools". Today. What are the chances? You should read what she has to say on the matter. She's hilarious. Trust me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

theMotherhood - Live Chat on Health Care Reform

Today at 1:00pm EST theMotherhood will be hosting an informational live chat on Health Care Reform.

MelissaSchober will be hosting: In addition to being a mom to a toddler, Melissa is an expert in women's health care policy, appropriations analysis, and legislative relations with the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues for Women's Policy, Inc., a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose sole focus is to help ensure that the most informed decisions on key women's issues are made by policy makers at the federal, state, and local levels.

theMotherhood is an amazing site. It is a virtual neighborhood where real friendships are formed and where mothers from all walks of life, at every age and stage support and encourage each other - meeting moms where they are.

To learn more about the live chat, please check out the link below.

And thank you to theMotherhood for hosting this event where women have the opportunity to learn more about this important issue affecting their lives and the lives of their families.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

earning it's name

Last weekend was fabulous. Many of our favorite activities with some of our favorite people. A championship little league baseball game (lost), a delicious picnic with family while listening to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at a local Metropark and a birthday party. I of course, had my everything all the time handbag with me. I almost always do. But, that earned it's name. By Sunday night it contained my wallet, keys, cell phone, a pen, hand sanitizer and an umbrella. Sounds fine. I also had a card game, gum wrappers, my son's boxers and two pieces of chicken all floating around in there. I will say the chicken was secure in a sandwich bag and the boxers were only in my handbag because the little guy changed at the birthday party into a swimsuit. However, I did not know the everything all the time handbag could be a trash receptacle, suitcase and picnic basket. You learn something new everyday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

vintage posy is going on the road

Four sides of the generous rectangle vintage posy everything all the time handbag. I hear it is going for a road trip to the south. Hmmm....

Friday, June 19, 2009's a frog

We celebrated Austen's (not his real name) birthday 13 days ago. Family and friends in the backyard. It was a very nice day. We had tons of food, much of what we continued to eat for the following four days. The boys played whiffle ball and tag and Austen opened presents. One present he did not have to open. His good friend showed up carrying a plastic cage with an American Green Tree Frog. His mom was with him. Stunned, my husband quickly thought of both my son's feelings and this happy frog carrying boy's feelings. This boy was so excited to be giving the "best" gift. But, the mom never asked us. The frog also came with a tub of food. Live crickets that we would also have to keep alive by feeding them potato. My houseplants risk their lives in my home every day.

So the frog stayed. Austen was hesitant. He is a HUGE animal lover and is so careful and mindful of animals. All animals. Even the ugly ones. Even the creepy ones. So, seeing little said green frog in a plastic cage when he knows the little green frog would be happier in the wild was a little difficult. Austen kept saying, "I think she likes it in there" he was convincing himself. After a few days, he allowed himself to name her "Hopper" ( according to all the research Austen did, Hopper was in fact, a girl). Austen would check on her several times a day, mist her cage and carefully feed the crickets. He was a very caring frog Daddy. By Wednesday of this week, Hopper stared looking molty and bloated. Thomas and I just looked at each other. By that evening, Hopper had made her last hop. We told Austen and he went to the bathroom for a long while. After sometime, we all gathered in Austen's bedroom to sit shiva together. We buried Hopper in the front landscaping. Austen cried because he loved his little green frog. Russell teared up because of his little brother's sadness. Thomas choked up because he wanted to keep that little frog alive for his son, and for his older son's empathy for his brother and for his little boy's love for a little frog. And I cried because in a house full of tough boys seeing their love and empathy for each other is more than one mom could have ever expected from a little green frog gift.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'd like to thank....

The Tao of Zombie Chicken Award
The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all.

I received this obviously serious award from my online and totally real friend Marla from her site: Check it out. She has oodles of ideas on going green, one baby step at a time and may give you hints on adopting a greener lifestyle. Her blog is also about adoption. Adoption is dear to my own heart.

So in the spirit of the Zombie Chicken I will pass along the honor to:

Check them all out if you have the time. A little bit of everything in this list, but all worth your time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

love you dad

Today's my dad's birthday. I never used to get all that excited about my parents' birthdays. In fact, I don't think I paid all that much attention. I would buy my mom a sweater and I have given my dad coupons for all kinds of things over the years. To be honest, I gave the coupons while I was in my early twenties. I still owe him a tri-pod. I don't think he still wants it. Did he ever? He wouldn't have said or let me know outwardly. That is how our relationship is. We are not outwardly. We are not an affectionate family. I mean my parents, sister and I. We are the tease 'em 'til they know you mean you love 'em kind of family. My dad would say they should have raised puppies, because they are cheaper and easier. I know what he means. I can read between the lines. We don't say we love each other. We sign cards with LOVE.

November 7, 2006 both my parents were hit head on in a terrible car accident. My dad's side took the brunt of the impact, slicing the entire driver's side sheer off. He spent weeks in the ICU. The hospital expectations were low. My mom, sister and I moved into the hotel attached to the hospital. We had other expectations. We knew this man in room #2423. We knew what the staff didn't know. We knew this injured man had incredible strength. He had determination. He had a strong heart. He survived and the hospital was surprised by his will. I know what was at stake. I know what I could so easily have lost. So, now 2 1/2 years later, I'm thrilled I still have my dad around. Our boys have their hero grandpa. I still have no idea what to give him this birthday. Maybe I'll make up a coupon. I'll sign it with lots of LOVE.

Friday, April 17, 2009

daydreaming flowerchild

Four sides of the daydreaming flowerchild everything all the time handbag. This handbag reminds me of my childhood and the Tootsie Pop owl and towels my grandma would wrap me in after an afternoon in the Gulf of Mexico. Does it take you back?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sage park avenue

I read somewhere that the most common computer password was 123456. At first glance I think, duh? That's so obvious. Or is it? How many passwords do you have? Add in phone numbers and social security numbers and kid's birthdates and mom's maiden name and where you left your keys and I can totally see 123456 as a very smart option. Just to log into this site I have to sit and think is it blah blah blah or blah blah blah blah? I've froze when asked my phone number many times. I'm pretty sure I've given the wrong address more than once. It is so much to remember. Being extra clever only confuses the situation. So using your first pets name along with the first street you lived on for your bank account login is only smart if that is also the stripper name you use regularly. ( that IS how you choose a stripper name, if you didn't know) It seems I have to add another password to something every couple months. I'm only 41. How many will I have by the time I'm 60? What about you? I don't write them down for fear that if they are found, someone could login into my Facebook account and post that I'm " looking forward to the weekend" and I might not be " looking forward to the weekend" Alright, that's pretty weak. I mean who isn't looking forward to the weekend, but you get my point. Actually, to be honest I don't write these passwords down because I believe I'll remember them and because I might be a little lazy. So what is your excuse? Or do you remember it all?

Friday, April 10, 2009

I believe

I posted that I sometimes do not feel like a grown-up. I mean, I pay a mortgage and handle parent-teacher conferences like a very responsible adult. However, I never had my children's pictures taken at regular 6 month intervals. I don't enforce using a coaster. And I floss the two weeks before my next dentist appointment. And I think about candy. Especially around Easter. Easter has the best candy. Memorial Day....not so much. I am all about good chocolate. It doesn't have to be expensive, just creamy. No waxy hollow Palmer bunny for me. Or my boys. Skimp on no-name canned green beans. Spend less on window cleaner. Forget buying Dixie cups for the bathroom. Invest in good chocolate. Alright, it's not really an investment. But it feels better than most stocks these days. I also think about jellybeans. In my house, I'm the only one that eats them. Most of the time as I am poppin' them into my mouth one after another, I am thinking do I REALLY like them? I like the spice ones and the black ones. I believe you either LOVE the black ones or HATE them. There is no inbetween on licorice. But, what I think about ridiculously are, Peeps. I am a purist. I only believe in yellow chicks and pink bunnies. No blue bunnies or heavens, red chicks! I secretly ( or now, not so secretly think the rogue colors are the work of satan) I'm thinking about slicing open the packaging today so that they will be nicely stale by Easter. That's the way I like them. They are much better that way. So, maybe I'm a grown-up afterall. I have lots of rules about candy and that seems like a very controlling, grumpy grown-up thing to do.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

baby steps

This new format (in my mind) is to encourage (read force) me to begin listing my handbags and paintings on Etsy. It hasn't happened yet. The handbags have taken over the dining room. That's not a big problem because we hardly ever use the dining room. Why? I think it is because the idea of eating in the dining room feels very grown-up. Yes, I realize I am an adult, but I'm not so sure I am a grown-up. It feels a little stuffy. Formal. I am not formal, you know? We have never hosted a formal dinner party. We host barbecues and children's birthdays. We host soup. I have never made a turkey dinner. I know. Look, if mom wants to make it I'm not going to squelch her plans. I'm thinking of HER feelings. The pretty table is hosting handbags as I write. Lots of handbags. So, why the hesitation on listing on Etsy? Come closer, I don't need everyone to know this but I am a little challenged when it comes to technology. I spent almost two hours last night trying to upload a widget from theMotherhood. Do you see it anywhere on my blog? Don't bother's not there. I cannot figure it out. Don't even mumble it is easy. Because, obviously for me it is difficult. Don't make fun, it's not nice. Today I will order boxes. To ship handbags. It's a baby step and eventually it willl get me where I want to end up. Tommorow I may even order packaging tape. I'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my colorful little family

I've stressed about this post. I mean why? It's my blog and I can do with it what I like, right? So, I'm thinking about expanding this blog to be more of a gallery/diary. Look, I know there are gaggles of momblogs out there so, what's one more? I cannot promise I will never mention or rant on about diapers and getting no sleep but, chances are I won't because my boys are older, 8 and 14. I will probably rant or at least whine about endless baseball games and dirty clothes. It's what I do. And I share. Sometimes too much. Again, it's what I do. So, here is the introduction to my colorful little family: first there is me, paintchipgirl or Deborah (my real name). I'm a mostly mom. I'm mostly pretty good, never perfect and mostly messy most of the time. Then there is my husband, Thomas(not his real name) a hands-on dad and over-worked businessman. He is also a talented writer and gifted musician, so doesn't it make the greatest sense that he is a businessman in automotive? Yea, that's what I think. Then there is our first born firecracker, Russell (not his real name). He is a lot like his mother if his mother were good at atlethics and liked to rise with the sun each and every morning of her life. Our youngest little Junebug is 8, Austen ( not his real name). He looked just like his mother until his 4th birthday and then he morphed into looking like a little Thomas (not his real name). How does that happen? Because I have no idea. So, I'm thinking I'll post about our colorful life, the life where we color outside the lines, where we choose the granny apple green crayon over the plain old red. Where we get our hands dirty and play for keeps. Life as art is the way I see it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

rosy lime

Four sides of the generous rosy lime everything all the time handbag is just the ticket to Spring.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring a-ling

Four sides of the generous rectangle spring a-ling everything all the time handbag sits up pretty. It will get noticed and so will you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

aww, thanks easter bunny

Two sister simple rectangle everything all the time handbags are dressed for the holiday. What will you be wearing?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

dance and sing little birdie

Dance and sing little birdie everything all the time handbag Easter basket is ready for Spring. And so am I. Just nestle in some fluffy grass and chocolate eggs....what girl big or small wouldn't love that from the Easter Bunny?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

modern pattern paisley

Four sides of the modern pattern paisley everything all the time handbag....with a side of butterfly please.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

modern and vintage

Four sides of plum and pear pebbles everything all the time handbag....yummy.

Four sides of vintage chocolate blossom....mmmm.