Monday, September 8, 2008

what could be better?

Another beautiful Michigan weekend as the rain held out for our last trip north for the summer. We just had to squeeze the last drops of summer out and relish in it. I know what's coming. Northern Michigan at the end of August and the first few weeks of September may be as close to heaven as I want to come without dying. The lake is the warmest it will be all summer and the 4:00 sunlight is warm and mellow and delicious. I like to think that the place where my friends and family are gathered is where my heart is always, but truly a small sliver of my heart and soul is firmly rooted in Northern Michigan. It was especially amazing to be there with our sons and my folks. It was less than two years ago that I wondered if I would have my dad at all. November 7 th will mark the second anniversary of the day that both of my parents were hit head on in a horrific car accident. So, watching my parents with my boys on my favorite beach on a warm afternooon in September of 2008, yep I'm full of thanksgiving. We walked the beach, collected Petoskey stones and beach glass, ate well , browsed art galleries, watched the sunset and sat in on the Traverse City Orchestra rehearsal.

Currently, several of my pieces are on display and available at Art and Soul on Front Street in Traverse City and also at Rustic Roots in downtown Leland"Fishtown", both in Michigan.

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