Tuesday, June 30, 2009

earning it's name

Last weekend was fabulous. Many of our favorite activities with some of our favorite people. A championship little league baseball game (lost), a delicious picnic with family while listening to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at a local Metropark and a birthday party. I of course, had my everything all the time handbag with me. I almost always do. But, that weekend....it earned it's name. By Sunday night it contained my wallet, keys, cell phone, a pen, hand sanitizer and an umbrella. Sounds fine. I also had a card game, gum wrappers, my son's boxers and two pieces of chicken all floating around in there. I will say the chicken was secure in a sandwich bag and the boxers were only in my handbag because the little guy changed at the birthday party into a swimsuit. However, I did not know the everything all the time handbag could be a trash receptacle, suitcase and picnic basket. You learn something new everyday.


Leslie of LesChic jewelry boutique said...

Wow those are super cute bags! Sounds like they hold "everything"! LOL

paintchipgirl said...

Thanks Leslie, they can be used for everything , all the time. Yet, a baby does NOT fit comfortably. Do I need a warning label? LOL! If so, I better include a warning that it is not a floatation device, either!