Monday, December 1, 2008

cool personality

Alright, it is pretty. December 1st snowfall on the trees in the backyard makes a pretty picture. To take this shot I stepped outside for a minute, (no coat) and it was enough to come inside for a cup of tea. So, I'll try to enjoy the snowy weather. I love the slight color combination of browns and blacks, whites and greys, blues and a hint of lavender. At first glance it almost appears to be a black and white, but at second look the colors whisper their cool personalities. I love color. I love color in combination with other colors. Of course, blue and orange is a long time favorite but really I love the multi-combination. Like butter yellow, cream, lavender, dark chocolate and grey. Or sage, smoky blue, copper and plum. What colors do you like together? What are you drawn to again and again?

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