Thursday, April 9, 2009

baby steps

This new format (in my mind) is to encourage (read force) me to begin listing my handbags and paintings on Etsy. It hasn't happened yet. The handbags have taken over the dining room. That's not a big problem because we hardly ever use the dining room. Why? I think it is because the idea of eating in the dining room feels very grown-up. Yes, I realize I am an adult, but I'm not so sure I am a grown-up. It feels a little stuffy. Formal. I am not formal, you know? We have never hosted a formal dinner party. We host barbecues and children's birthdays. We host soup. I have never made a turkey dinner. I know. Look, if mom wants to make it I'm not going to squelch her plans. I'm thinking of HER feelings. The pretty table is hosting handbags as I write. Lots of handbags. So, why the hesitation on listing on Etsy? Come closer, I don't need everyone to know this but I am a little challenged when it comes to technology. I spent almost two hours last night trying to upload a widget from theMotherhood. Do you see it anywhere on my blog? Don't bother's not there. I cannot figure it out. Don't even mumble it is easy. Because, obviously for me it is difficult. Don't make fun, it's not nice. Today I will order boxes. To ship handbags. It's a baby step and eventually it willl get me where I want to end up. Tommorow I may even order packaging tape. I'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I love that you're so honest about the challenges in opening an etsy shop. That's what's holding me back as well...the THOUGHT of doing it! But I would love to see more of your writing. It's really enjoyable to read.

Miss Behavin said...

I am very challenged technologically myself. I can cut and paste...that's about all I know how to do.

Love the personal touch. Did I tell you those handbags ROCK?!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Do you make those? My friends hate handbag shopping with me. My psychiatrist (blush) challenged me to go out and buy cheap purses to get over not having perfect seams. Hee Hee..I still carry them around with strings hanging off them trying to forget they are there--ahhh progress:) I love your handbags:))))