Thursday, April 23, 2009

love you dad

Today's my dad's birthday. I never used to get all that excited about my parents' birthdays. In fact, I don't think I paid all that much attention. I would buy my mom a sweater and I have given my dad coupons for all kinds of things over the years. To be honest, I gave the coupons while I was in my early twenties. I still owe him a tri-pod. I don't think he still wants it. Did he ever? He wouldn't have said or let me know outwardly. That is how our relationship is. We are not outwardly. We are not an affectionate family. I mean my parents, sister and I. We are the tease 'em 'til they know you mean you love 'em kind of family. My dad would say they should have raised puppies, because they are cheaper and easier. I know what he means. I can read between the lines. We don't say we love each other. We sign cards with LOVE.

November 7, 2006 both my parents were hit head on in a terrible car accident. My dad's side took the brunt of the impact, slicing the entire driver's side sheer off. He spent weeks in the ICU. The hospital expectations were low. My mom, sister and I moved into the hotel attached to the hospital. We had other expectations. We knew this man in room #2423. We knew what the staff didn't know. We knew this injured man had incredible strength. He had determination. He had a strong heart. He survived and the hospital was surprised by his will. I know what was at stake. I know what I could so easily have lost. So, now 2 1/2 years later, I'm thrilled I still have my dad around. Our boys have their hero grandpa. I still have no idea what to give him this birthday. Maybe I'll make up a coupon. I'll sign it with lots of LOVE.


Brooke said...

The best Michigan site on the web.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that your dad is okay. Or, more than okay, according to that picture. My family is not mushy, either. I like it that way. Perhaps we are the same person, because I've never seen us in a room together.

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

I'm so glad your Dad's okay. Growing up my family wasn't huggy. We barely said "I love you". But with what had happened, that has changed a little.
My honey's family's very affectionate and very verbal. It took a while to adjust. Now half my kids are totally affectionate and half are a little affectionate.

You do have a wonderful family.
So how was your Dad's birthday?

Green Adoptions said...

So glad he is okay! I know how you are truly blessed to have him.

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