Friday, July 2, 2010

lemons = yellow =happiness

i'm feeling like i've been handed a basket of lemons.

nothing so terrible that i am sunk.

but, enough to put me in a bit of a funk.

so as the saying goes, "when life hands you lemons....make lemonade".

i'm trying to get my yellow-on.

this will often help:

better together is an all-time favorite song, but banana pancakes and good people? you just have to get in a nicer state of mind while listening to those.

when i was a little girl yellow was my favorite color. one of my ealiest memories was pleading for a yellow purse to carry with my easter outfit. the pink one with matching gloves and bonnet.

can we pause here?

what is the difference between a hat and a bonnet, besides easter?

yellow just makes me, has the potential to make me happy. perhaps, it reminds me to be happy. to see the sunny. to see the positive.

so this brit-chickie has just left michigan for sunny north carolina and i am trying to stay sunny....when i just want to be blue and sad. so i fed her swedish pancakes and french pressed coffee trying to keep her here a little bit longer. (though this pic is from a trip to ikea and that is a cinnamon roll on that plate) thinking back....i met her on a yellow school bus. on a very grey day.


Parsnip said...

Love ya. A LOT.

Parsnip said...

Love ya. A LOT.

Parsnip said...

BTW, bought lemon scented soap in yer honour yesterday, ma'am.

Deborah Larson King said...

aww parsnip. miss you....still trying to get my yellow-on:)

Anonymous said...

Great post Deborah, although I did tear up at the end...

Jeanneoli said...

Sweet. Everyone could use a little yellow.