Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer unplanned

I love summer.

LOVE. That's all caps, if you'll notice.

I love summer so much, I'd marry it. (remember saying that? if you don't remember, don't judge me....we used to say that)

Anyway, I was thinking that summer became even sweeter after I was grown and had my own children.

I love the openness of the season. The fresh juicy-drip-from-your-chin-fruits and vegetables. The air on a cooler day wafting through the house.

I love the sunshine. Oh, do I love the sunshine.

The smell of cut grass and the puppy-dog smell of the boys after playing outside for hours. Alright...some days--these days the puppy-dog smell is of a rather large puppy who is a bit ripe. I digress.

Mostly, I love the release of schedules and freedom of going with the flow. Of not having set plans. Of seeing what happens.

I love that for me.

And I love that for the boys. That they can have a day unfold before them. To gather kids in the neighborhood to play a game of baseball without so much say from the adults around them. They figure it out....even when the kids range in age from 5-16. They figure it out. On their own. They play fair and have fun. They make adjustments for the little guys and adjustments for the biggest guys.

Letting the days unfold before you....scheduling a popsicle break and a croquet game in the back yard while the fireflies start glowing sounds just about perfect come mid-June. What kind of unplanned summer are you looking forward to?


Anonymous said...

Deb - I've been giving this a lot of thought since summer vacation started 6 days ago...I have not planned anything spectacular (not yet anyway)and I feel a little bit guilty. But since Sarah is grown and Barry is at work all day, I look forward most to summer mornings...making coffee, finding just the right spot to sit on the patio to drink it while watching the birds and listening to the breezes and thinking...I LONG for this during the school year and NOW I actually get to do it! What to do when my coffee is gone? I'm open to anything - it's summer after all!

Deborah Larson King said...
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Deborah Larson King said...

your summer mornings sound pretty perfect. enjoy them. let your days unfold or come hang out with me:)

Pasgarvey said...

Deborah, I love that the kids in your neighborhood play baseball. That didn't happen in ours (yards are too small, for one thing). That is what my brothers and I did as kids, and I hated that my kids didn't have that experience.