Monday, June 7, 2010

grow little growing things

If there was one skill I wished I had, it might be gardening. It might be how to not kill plants, more specifically.

You know what? I know it's still early June, but these plants seem to be surviving. I know.

basil and geraniums


If these little plants continue to survive I will have to stake the tomato plant and I'm already dreaming of yummy salads and sandwiches. Grow little growing things. So far, I've planted and watered some. Not too much and not too little, apparently. See, that's sort of the problem. I'm not sure what I'm doing both right and wrong. My grandparents were exceptional gardeners. Even when they moved into an apartment. Near them was a community garden; one they shared with other people....people far less skilled in gardening and growing things up. Often, when I'd go to help pick beans or peas or corn, another *gardener* would come to chat with my grandparents to get advice and get a glimpse of their little plot of land....filled with the most beautiful vegetables.

my g'pa with a very scary scarecrow. very scary.

Gosh, I miss my grands. I wish they were still here to help me with my little growing things. And my plants too.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but they are there with you, whispering secrets in your ear, telling you to ask the plants themselves what they need. Listen closely for all the voices...

castaway said...

I like what Efenz said ... and who knows, but there may be a green thumb somewhere in your heart.

Alison said...

Oh how I love a garden. And scarecrows. My dad has such an amazing green thumb that somehow skipped me entirely. We'd have dinners of fresh corn, tomatoes, potatoes, snap peas and I hated those dinners with a passion. But what I wouldn't give for one now! And I'm with efenz, completely. They're there. Even if you kill every plant you ever own.

Pasgarvey said...

Gosh, I know how you feel. Our back yard is just grass and a deck with two pots of flowers. We used to have a gorgeous pine tree and it died (no, I did not kill it). Neither Bill nor I know much about gardening. I read about how to do things and try, but I'm not that interested. I have managed not to kill 4 houseplants!

Anonymous said...

I look at wonder every year at the ever growing raspberry patch in my backyard. It gets bigger and better every year. Each time I pick raspberries I feel my grandma's presence. It was in her backyard that I first remember picking raspberries (age 2?). I think she makes my raspberries grow.