Tuesday, June 1, 2010

feeling at home

Normally, we stay home for the long Memorial Day weekend. The weather is unpredictable, but so many years it included both rain and cold. This year we decided that if it was going to be ugly, we can do ugly away from home. But it wasn't ugly. It was sunshiny and easy-breezy. So given that we were headed for the most beautiful part of Michigan...we were a happy bunch. This is the overhead view from Chandler's in Petoskey. A little in-between restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Charming and delicious. The quesdillas with the grilled red onions, pulled chicken, black beans, pepper jack and homemade salsa verde was mouth-wateringly good. And the mixed greens with baked goat cheese. Heavenly. The boys found a map with the listings for sunglasses and bookstores. We headed up M-119 (the tunnel of trees) toward Sturgeon Bay to enjoy the beach with just a few people. No crowds. Lake Michigan is still pretty cold this time of year, but the sand is warm and ready for castle-making. The boys found and caught a couple of crayfish. Skipped stones and searched for Petoskey stones. A great way to spend a day, if you ask me. On our way back to Harbor Springs we stopped off at Legg's Inn. The view alone is INCREDIBLE. We weren't really hungry, so we just had dessert. French vanilla ice cream with a warm berry compote. Mmmmm. We're on vacation, right? This is the view from the garden at Legg's Inn. Just before we headed home we stopped to let the boys run off some energy by playing catch at Sunset Park in Petoskey. Big Red played guitar and I wondered how I could live here all the time. (that is usually, my clue that I've had a most relaxing time away from home)


Alison said...

I want to live a life that has background music in my home videos. You definitely are doing something right. :)

Jeanneoli said...

Everything looked so relaxing and fun. Boys always find the sunglasses shop...it is like women and shoes.

Kraut said...

We were just in Arcadia (just south of Frankfort) and traveled M-22, which I know Darren loves. It's a beautiful part of Michigan for sure!

LesChic Boutique said...

Looks dreamy like an old 60's movie!
It's a shame we have to lose grandparents..you never think things will be any different when you are young and then they are :(