Thursday, June 10, 2010

what i want

What I want isn't what I need.

I want a new camera...specifically the Canon Rebel xSi.

I want it badly.

So I can take pictures like this:

and this:

and even winter, no less:
(these 3 photos courtesy Kate of

I know. So dreamy and warm and yummy.

But, as much as I want it, it doesn't mean I need it. I can come up with a host of reasons why I may need it, but that doesn't make it true.

The thing is....the camera I want is tied to my promise.


My myself.

You see, months ago I joined Weight Watchers.

It was time. (that is another post in itself)

And after a little success and a few weeks I made a promise to myself--when I made it to my *goal* weight....a healthy weight, I'd buy myself a new camera.

I'm still nine pounds out...ugh. Plateau has set in and I'm getting antsy.

I want my new camera.

But, more than that I want a healthier me....and I want to keep my promise.


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Kraut said...

Congrats! Almost there! Having a nice digital camera is awesome ...